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1/07/06 - Ray DiPalma 5 poems out now - 5 new poems for Matchbox

1-2/09/06 - Matchbox does stall at Literature Festival Northwest

6/09/06 - Lisa Jarnot issue coming soon with drawing by Manchester artist Andy Leyland and cover by Paul Jenkins

30/09/06 - Lisa Jarnot issue out now

1/10/06 - Matchbox is seeking one or two volunteers to be involved in production of issue 5 (P. Inman) in the first instance and possibly more issues thereafter. This would involve making the boxes and being involved in marketing. This position is suitable to those interested in poetry and the small press market. The project is based in Manchester and would require about 6 hours work every two months. Food will be provided. Anyone interested should contact James Davies email for further details.

224/11/06 -- P.Inman's m'event hits the shelves. Covers from by Stephen Raw below. This box contains a yellow line, as a gift, for you.



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